By becoming a lovely Patron for only $3 a month, you will receive something through snail mail at least once a month!

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For many years, I sold my zines and art through my website and Etsy. For various logistical reasons, I am no longer making my zines available for sale on my site or Etsy. Instead, you will only be able to access them through my Patreon or when I table at various zine fests, which I do about once a year. Signup for my mailing list to find out when I do!

Anatomic Air Press is purely a labor of love. I have spent countless hours and money on my projects, mainly with the desire to share my work and get it out there! I have received so much love and support through the years and it fills my heart with so much gratitude that people love what I create. It’s one thing for me to do what I love, but it’s another when people actually appreciate it! So thank YOU for being an amazing, loving supporter!

By becoming a lovely Patron for only $3 a month, you will receive something through snail mail at least once a month!

You will receive the following:

Exclusive newsletter sent via snail mail called Viridis Venefica (6+ times a year)
This is a new bi-monthly “newsletter” I created in January 2020 that will only be available to a select group of folks. This newsletter will vary in size, from 2-4 pages and is jam packed with personal updates and information, mostly in a form of lists. It will also feature a fun interview in each issue. This will be released about every other month or more.

Exclusive zine giveaways sent via snail mail (6+ times a year)
As a Patreon supporter, you will also receive exclusive zine giveaways! I used to give my zines away for free, but I can no longer do that for the public. Being a part of my cool club means you will get random old AND new zines in the mail at least 6 times a year. If I release a new zine, you will get it in the mail!

Exclusive access to pop-up zine sales (4+ times a year)
While I will no longer sell my zines full time on my website or Etsy, I will sell them from time to time and only give Patreon subscribers access. These pop-up sales will come about if I reprint a zine or have extra copies I’d like to share. If you know me, I sell my zines for very cheap – just enough to cover the printing and shipping costs.

Other exclusive giveaways and surprises (4+ times a year)
I’m really good at coming up with shit to make and give away! This will include stickers, postcards, and other items you can hold with your dear hands.

The goal here is to send you at least one thing once a month! That way your postal mailbox doesn’t ever get lonely. Who doesn’t get giddy about having a handmade project made with love in the palm of their hands?

Again, words can’t express the gratitude I feel for you and the support I’ve received through the years. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, but Anatomic Air Press will never die – it will breathe as long as I am alive. It is my true love and I treasure nothing more than creating quirky little zines for you to hold, smell, and enjoy.

Let's Be Friends

Let's Be Friends

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