The “Truth” About Achromatic Dissolutions

I’m so glad you found this page! I hope it …

I’m so glad you found this page! I hope it means you read the zine and you’re interested about the “secret” that I was talking about in tiny print on the last page.

Well… I guess it’s not really a big secret because I don’t mind sharing and I want people to know… but at the same time I don’t wish to make it obvious. It wouldn’t be that much fun!

Since you found this page, please email me at and in the email subject, put “I love Achromatic Dissolutions” and send me a message. I will send you a special surprise in the mail just for finding this page. 🙂

Achromatic Dissolutions is mostly a work of FICTION! That’s right, folks. I wrote it under my fictional concept character, Neik Glasshouse. Neik is kinda like my clone… she’s a lot like me, but she has a completely different life.

To satisfy your curiosity, I will explain and expose the truth about Achromatic Dissolutions #1… one letter at a time.

A – Astronomy & Piano Keys

This is pure fiction. My father was not an astronomer, but he did mow lawns for a living! He passed away in 1998. Unlike Neik’s mother, my mother is still alive. My mother doesn’t know how to play the piano, but I’ve always wanted to play since I was a child. I am also a lover of the cosmos, which explains why I made Neik’s parents the way I did.

B – Biogravitational Fields

These are actual notes from my personal Moleskine notebook. The last paragraph of this section is completely true.

C – Cleaning

This is fictional. I don’t clean for a living — I’m a web designer in real life. Cleaning seemed to be the perfect laid back profession for Neik, who is quite an introvert.

D – Dreams

Like me, Neik is obsessed with dreams. That is why I wrote How To Sleep under Neik Glasshouse. If you can recall, Neik mentions her dream about a tiny elephant friend. “Maybe one day I’ll write a story about this extraordinary dream.” If you are familiar with my work, you may have put two and two together when you read Big Love. 🙂

E – Experiment

This is completely fictional. I thought it would be cool for Neik to take a silent experiment. I secretly want to do it, too…

F – Functionally Ill

This is all true. It made me smile when Laura-Marie wrote me a letter telling me she read the review. We’ve been trading zine for many years.

G – Gay

I personally do feel what I wrote here. Haha

H – Happy Birthday

Just like Neik, I think birthdays are beautiful, but I don’t have a trip I take every year by myself. Does sound cool though. Are you catching on that Neik does things I want to do?…

I – Israel Regardie

Everything is true here. I did read the book and I got it from my friend’s dad.

J – Jade’s Addiction

Oooh… this is a fun one. Jade Knight (who wrote Jade’s Addiction) is actually another fictional concept character I created. This was a fun way for me to connect the two fictional characters.

K – Kerbloom!

A true personal review of the zine from me.

L – Laptop

This story is also completely true! And everything I wrote in this section are my own thoughts exactly.

M – Manami

Completely fiction! I actually don’t have a cat (yet and/or anymore). I thought it would be interesting for Neik to have a best non-human friend.

N – New York & 17 Strangers

This was one of the very first stories I wrote for Neik Glasshouse. I wrote it in 2009. The NY trip is total fiction. The review about the zine 17 Strangers and how much I loved it is true, though. Katie Haegele, the author of 17 Strangers read this story back in 2009 and she had some sweet words for me, “What you wrote about your time in New York brought tears to my eyes. It’s just perfect, combining reading about strangers with your experiences interacting with strangers.” When I told her the story was fake, she was shocked! 🙂 But hey, it’s true for Neik! Hehe

O – Owls

Completely fiction. I love owls. They’re such beautiful creatures. I’d have to say owls and elephants are the cutest in my book.

P – Perception

This thought process is completely real and straight from my own heart.

Q – Questions

Yup. I’ve had these questions go through my brain.

R – Records

A true personal experience.

S – Super Short Stories

Stories 1, 2, and 6 are fiction. The rest are real.

T – Toilet

Everything is true here for me! Except… (gasp!) sometimes I do take my phone to the toilet.

U – Undead

Here’s another extra fun one for me. This is completely fiction. The person Neik is referring to in the story is another fictional concept character I created. And he created this:

V – Video Games

True story.

W – Worms

True zine review. I love this guy’s work.

X – Xerography Dept

True zine review.

Y – Y.O.U.

True zine review.

Z – Zines

This is true, too… duhhhhhh 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this! If you did, please let me know what you think. I love hearing from people… especially when they figure out all my strange connections and ideas. Back in 2001 or so when I made my first zine, I coined the slogan for myself: “Every story is part of a never ending one”. This still rings true and this is just the beginning. The connections will continue and it’s going to be a fun ride. Hope I peaked your interest enough for you to keep hanging on. 🙂

And yes, I do plan on Achromatic Dissolutions #2. Might be awhile before I can complete it though. #1 took a few years!

Thank you so much for reading. It means the world to me.

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